Business Protection

Co-Directors Insurance, Partnership Insurance, Key Person Insurance, Executive (Company) Income Protection to protect your business

Business Protection with OMAC Life

  • Co-Directors Insurance – is a Life Cover policy designed to ensure the smooth transfer of shares using Revenue Approved Life Insurance plans.
  • Partnership Insurance – works in a similar way to Co-Directors insurance and is a Life Cover policy designed to provide a solution to the death of a partner to enable the surviving partners to make immediate payment to his / her estate in respect of their share of the partnership.
  • Key Person Insurance – is a Life Cover and/or Specified Illness Cover affected by an employer on the life of a key employee, to protect the company against the financial consequences of that individual’s sudden death or serious illness.
  • Executive (Company) Income Protection – provides the staff member with a replacement income if you end up in the unfortunate position of not being able to work as a result of illness or injury. It is set up and paid by the Employer to provide the benefit to an employee and/or a company director. The premium is a tax-deductible expense.