Investment Planning

You have money you want to invest but you are not sure what the next step is? Contact OMAC Life. Investing money is the easy part, the hard part is establishing your objectives, what is it you want to achieve by investing your funds; clear your mortgage early, children’s education, start your own business, retirement or a rainy-day fund, the list goes on. At OMAC Life we can bring you through all the steps to setting up your portfolio, objectives, risk verses reward, investment taxes, set up and ongoing costs.

Saving and Investment

  • Regular Savings Plans – is a regular premium savings plan designed to suit your particular needs, goals and risk suitability.
  • Single-Premium Investments – is a Lump Sum Investment, this is when a fixed amount of money is invested for a fixed amount of time, into a tailored investment that is designed and built to meet financial targets and goals.