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Personal Financial Planning

A Personal Financial Plan is for everyone.

If you want to achieve more with your personal and family income then you need a Personal Financial Plan.

  • Your own Domestic Budget – where is your monthly income going and could you do better
  • Future Cash flow – How will your income change over time? Where will your monthly income go in the future?
  • Getting all the correct tax allowances?
  • Educating the children
  • Annual holidays & rainy day fund
  • Setting a structure around regular savings to achieve long and short term financial goals
  • Planning for financial independence
  • Estate Planning

The Process:

  • At OMAC Life we work with our Clients over an agreed period of time to insure that the PFP is implemented and the client gains a full understanding of their own financial management.
  • There are six steps OMAC Life use in constructing a Personal Financial Plan
  1. Gather the Information.
  2. Establish Client Objectives.
  3. Analyse Financial Situation.
  4. Develop Financial Plan
  5. Implement & Take Action
  6. Monitor & Review

Personal Financial Planning is a process that tracks your financial milestones, the six steps we use in financial planning ensures that we have a clear picture of your financial status and have the opportunity to look carefully at income and outgoings, cash flow, any assets or liabilities and how all these come together to make a financial plan for the short, medium and long term.
At the end of the financial analysis you will receive a confidential Personal Financial Planning report to include:

  • Current and future Domestic budget
  • Current and future cash flow
  • Recommendations for implementation with target dates.

A schedule of appointed “Review Dates” to insure the Plan stays on track
The following is also available on a Standalone basis:

  • Domestic Budgeting
  • Cashflow for achieving specific Financial Goals
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Managing Wealth

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Personal Financial Planning